Short term activations?

I’m scratching my head about a way to get ST to do something and was hoping for some help.

I’d like be able to - on an adhoc basis - tell ST to activate a smart plug (with heater attached) and run for one hour, then turn off. And to be able to each time choose whatever time it comes on (or preset multiple choices.)

If that sounds a little muddy, basically I want to warm one room of the house before I get up - but I won’t know until the night before if its needed, and I get up at different times.

I was thinking that a number of routines (set for say 4am, 5am, 6am etc) would make sense as I can activate that through Alexa or Android widget the night before. But I can’t wrap my head around how to make it work. Any ideas?

I wrote my own smart app for heating my bathroom each morning. I personally like writing my own custom apps, but webcore is probably a simpler option. You can probably do a simple heater type app on a schdule with the basic rules. webcore or writing custom code can give you more flexibility.

My app also turns off the heater if I leave the door open to the bathroom, or stops running as soon as both my wife and I leave the house.

I’m still pretty new to ST - I’ve added that as a Device Type Handler, what do I do now?

Another simple option is stringify. Webcore can definitely do what you want, but for simple things I use stringify. They have some good looking widgets for Android too.