Turn on lights at home when I leave the office?

I have smart notification to text my wife when I leave the office but I’d also like to update my hue lights at home to show I’m leaving.
Is there a way to do this? It seems that the routines to detect me leaving at home can’t see any of my devices at home.

What are you using to generate the notification when you leave the office? If you are using a 3rd party app like IFTTT and it’s hooked to your home hub, then you should also be able to update your Hue lights at home accordingly.

If you have a separate hub in the office, then you won’t be able to do it with that. Take a look at the geofencing or the router disconnect functions in IFTTT.

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Thanks Bry, I have a secondary location in SmartThings (classic) that is my work with no hub. Just geofencing via my phone.
Under Automation/SmartApps/Safety and Security I use the “Notify Me When” smart app to send a text when I leave the office. This only has the option to send a text/push notification but not option to run an action.
I was thinking IFTT was the way to go but was wondering if others had got something working within SmartThings.

Check out WebCORE presence sensor which allows you to create locations. Then you are able to create rules to do what you are looking for.


You could do it with the SmartThings tracker.

IFTTT is the simplest, easiest solution. You can even have it turn on your heat/AC so that your house is comfy when you get back home!

The new app looks like it is getting some kind of functionality around locations. Not sure if it applies to this though. I know webcore can span locations. IF IFTTT has a recipe for it. If not fall back probably would be webcore.