Lights off when I leave home

(Roberto Pedro Martinez) #1

I recently installed Wemo light switches all over my house.
I was wondering if I leave my house but my roommate is still in the house is the ST Hub smart enough to recognize that he’s still there and leave the lights on the way they were.
But, if I’m the only person there would the ST Hub notice that my device is the only one in the GeoFence/leaving the Geofence and turn off the lights?


(Brian Smith) #2

If you both have presence sensors (either via the app on a smartphone or a fob), then yes, it can do this.

There is an option for “when everyone leaves” that looks to make sure no presence sensors are home. Very useful and this is how our house works. Look under Hello, Home actions, for example. Scroll to the bottom where it says automatically perform when.

(Roberto Pedro Martinez) #3

Thanks Brian,

Is all of this done just with the Smart Things iOS app or is it in conjunction with ifttt?
And also possible to do this with arriving to my house?

(Eric R) #4

In iOS app

Yes - The option is “Someone arrives”