Turn on lights when someone arrives home and no one else is already home?

I’ve just set up ST with a v2 hub and it seems to be working well; I’ve managed to connect the EcoSmart bulb and remote with the instructions here (and am getting more).

However, I’m concerned about going too far and making the system inconvenient for others. That leads to my question:

If I want to have lights turn on when one of us arrives home, but only when no one is home, do I have to go to IFTT or WebCore? If so, which is recommended for a more shallow dive? It doesn’t seem to be doable with the new ST app itself, with which I’d prefer.

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No, in this case, you won’t need IFTTT or WebCore.

You may add 3 automations like so:

(1) Someone is at home
IF at least 1 condition is met
Presence Sensor X: Arrived
Presence Sensor Y: Arrived
Location Mode: Home

(2) Nobody is at home
IF all conditions are met
Presence Sensor X: Leaved
Presence Sensor Y: Leaved
Location Mode: Away

(3) Someone is the first to arrive at home
Location Mode: Home
Light X: Turn ON

If you intend to use other location modes, like Night or any custom one, this automation won’t work properly.
In this case, you will need to add an automation for each Presence Sensor.

(3) N arrived
IF all conditions are met
Presence Sensor N: Arrived
Location Mode: Away
Light X: Turn ON


Are these instructions meant for the classic app? Tried following them in the new app, but couldn’t get the settings down exactly.

For instance, under automation, my options are:

Member Location
Who? X and Y
When? Everyone is at home, anyone is at home, no one is at home, someone isn’t home
THEN: I don’t see an option for Location Mode. I just see Control devices and Send notification to members.

No, it is in the new app.

  1. Click on “+” sign
  2. Click on “Automation”
  3. Add all “IF” conditions
  4. Click on “Next”
  5. Add all “THEN” actions
  6. Click on “Done”

Make sure to have at least 2 location modes:

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Thank you for explaining. I have set up the following. Is this correct?

Right now, I just have the “THEN” action to send me a notification instead of turning on a light. Does this setup look correct? Should I add any “wait before activating” time on anything for this to work better?

Jumping into automation is so much fun! Thank you for helping.

I don’t use Member location. I have Arrival sensors, but I think the first automation should work.

I also think the nature of Member location is “OR” condition and you will need “AND” condition for the second automation because both devices should be away at the same time.
Can you add 2 conditions of the same kind separately for different devices? I don’t have 2 devices to test it by myself.

For the third automation, simply remove the first condition. Otherwise, you will need an specific automation for each device.

Yes, automation rocks. I recommend you to make some automations by yourself.

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