Motion alerts help needed

I have my motion detector working great with my lights. I also have it set to notify me when there is motion via IFTTT.
But, i cant have it dinging me all day while the camera switch is un armed and im home walking around outside or in, so…my question is this. Which smart app besides IFTTT can i use to notify me of motion via push or text when only camera (virtual button) is on

Note, IFTTT wont give me an option to use a switch or not its constant alerts only

it’s probably overkill for what you want to do but WebCore will do it for you.


Also for a slightly easier route have a look at Message Central:

You can configure to send the message upon movement but only if a switch is on.
(Which I think is what you want)

You can also restrict it to a certain time, or if a presence sensor is present (or not)


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Thanks Andy! I just installed message central but i get an error when starting the app. Could it be i dont have a compatable speaker for the voice option thats stopping it?

Ok… a couple of things to check

  1. did you install AND publish the ‘Parent’?

  2. did you also install the ‘Child’ (no need to publish but it doesn’t matter if you did)

  3. if you did ‘Publish’ the child then you just ignore it and only work with the parent (it will automatically use/install the child when required)

  4. when you are configuring an automation what did you select as ‘message type’?

  5. what is the error message you get and at what point do you get it?

  6. if you can get to the end of the config but it crashes there then please turn on the ‘enable logging’ switch. Then you can look in ‘Live Logging’ in the IDE and it should give you a better error message

BTW Android or OIS?


Yes i have both the child and parent installed. The app shows in my list of MY APPS on smartthings and when i go to make my first message trigger is says “sorry there was an unexpected error”


is it when you first click “Create new Triggered Message” that you get the error?

Yes it is when it happens

unfortunately, I don’t have an android device to test this on… only IOS (where it works perfectly)

Is there anything in the IDE under ‘Live Logging’ when you try to start the app?

I am on Android. I just added your Repo and added both SmartApps - Parent published only.

Went to Marketplace - pressed Create New Triggered Message - No issue:

Walked through and created test message without issue:


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Thanks very much!
good to know the app is not at fault.
(I really need to buy a cheap android to test on)

Lee, can I suggest that if you didn’t link to my GitHub you try copying the code again.
If you copied it, did you click ‘RAW’ in GitHub before copying?
If you didn’t, then sometimes it doesn’t format it correctly (particularly “” speech-marks)


Delete both SmartApps from IDE.

If you are adding them through the Repo, add them one at a time.

Add Message Central (Parent) and select Publish and then Execute Update

Then Update from Repo again and select the Message Central-Child (Do not select Publish) and Execute Update

Then goto the Marketplace again and select Message Central.

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Will try that do these get imported into new device handler or new smartapp or either or?

These are both SmartApps

Okay…i installed one in DH my problem has been solved DOH!!! :pensive: i thank all of you for the help with this

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Setup GitHub to be able to create / update from the Repository and you will never run into this issue with confusing DH for SmartApp and vice versa and never have to copy / paste again. :slight_smile: