Notifications when lights turn on and no one is home

Is this possible? Don’t see anything built-in unless I’m missing it but I was wondering if maybe someone had written code for it? The idea being that then I would know if someone (hopefully, someone that is supposed to be there like my cleaners) was manually hitting the switch.

@vienta, you can but it’s a bit non-obvious.

Try this:

From the mobile app, tap the + button and then go over to “more”. From the “more” list, choose “convenience”. Then scroll down until you find the “notify me when” choice. It’s the one that has a description that starts with, “Get a push notification ro text message when any of a variety…”

Tap “install” and then choose the “switch turned on” section. Then select the switches you want to know about (all of them if you want). Once you’ve done that, then choose “set for specific modes” and choose the away mode.

Oh, also fill in the message text field.

That should only send notifications when you are in away mode. If you need help figuring out how to get into and out of away mode either manually or automatically just post back.

That works, thanks Linda!

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Is there a source code for these type of applications?

I just downloaded this from the IDE last week (older version), I did not know it was already official. Wish there was a note in the IDE saying to get it from the App. I guess I will pay more attention to the author.

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I realize this thread is over 2 years old. I could not find this function in the current mobile app. Does anyone know how to do this easily (i.e., get a notification when a light switch is manually turned on when I’m not home)? Thank you!

I found it!

Market Place->Smart Apps->Safety & Security->Notify Me When ->Install

Sorry, new ST user so I’m still getting the hang of the device, its capabilities and this forum.

Glad you found it!