Turn on light if we leave and it's night time

I’d like a specific light to turn on when all the key fobs leave the house and it’s night time. I setup a routine under Automation, but it triggers whenever we all leave no matter the time of day. What’s the best way to set this up?

SmartLighting will do this with Arrival/Departure option and then click + More Options and select In Between Sunset and Sunrise or whatever time frame you specify.

However, I have found CoRE to be more reliable. CoRE runs through the cloud while SmartLighting runs locally so it is faster.

Here is a CoRE Piston that does sorta the opposite with a timer but you can adjust for your situation.

The SmartLighting app will allow you to do that.

SmartApps --> Add a Smart App --> SmartThings Recommends --> Smart Lights

Under more options set it to only run between X pm- y AM , or only between sunset & sunrise.

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I utilized the SmartApps SmartLighting function. Thank you all very much for your time.