Need help with an I'm Leaving Automation

I am working to get an automation setup and looking for some help. Basically what I want to do is get an “I’m Leaving” type of automation setup. What I want to happen is that when I trigger the automation that various lights either turn on or off depending on the time of day. I know I can easily make an “I’m Leaving” that turns things on or off, but I am looking to make a single automation that will work whether it is day or night. For example if I trigger I’m Leaving during the day, it should turn everything off. If I trigger I’m Leaving and it is night I want to have certain lights on and other off. If I trigger it in the evening, everything should be off until it is dark out and then turn on certain lights.

Just thinking out loud, I guess I need to setup an Away mode that has certain automations that run only in that mode. Just looking for some guidance as I think I am making this too complicated and there might be an easy way.


There are three apps you should explore…

  1. Smart Lighting
  1. Webcore

  1. Routines

Are you using the SmartThings classic app? Or the newer SmartThings app (used to be the Samsung connect app)?

Thanks ! I am pretty well versed in Smart Lighting, Can build Pistons, starting to look into Routines, but they seem fairly limited in what you can do.

I am just wondering what the best way to do what I am looking for is. I really do not want to create a Piston if I can set it up natively.

Sorry. This is Classic

I think you could do most of this with smartlighting and routines, especially since the lighting scene functionality was added (ie create the scenes you want and then have smartlighting or a routine execute those scenes based on certain triggers.

But it would take at least a few automations, not just one.

And I’m not sure you could create the logic you mentioned of, “when I leave in the evening, do nothing until it gets dark, and then turn the lights on.”

Webcore, on the other hand, could probably do this in a single piston.

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I have this broken up between routines and smart lighting. The Goodbye routine turns off the lights I want turned off during all times of day. A smart Lighting rule turns on certain lights if it’s away mode and past sunset.

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You may find it easier to uncomplicate your logic. If the lights at night come on regardless if you are home or not, then those could be stand alone Smart Lighting running local. You will find it more reliable that breaking stuff in specific patterns, works better than having one solution covering everything. With one solution fits all, there is always that one thing you forget to account for and rethinking your logic down the road becomes harder as the time passes.


I use a routine for those things that always happen when I leave (most lights off, blinds closed, etc). But for those things I only want to happen if I leave during a certain time of day, I use webcore. The trigger is the routine running and then I have other conditions listed.

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This is the direction I need to go in. I have done a bunch of automations but not started leveraging Modes.

Thanks for the suggestions. I do think I am making it too complicated.

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You’ve gotten lots of great advice so far.

The one thing I wanted to add is that if you want “when it gets dark,” the easiest way is to use a separate automation or webcore clause that has a sunset-based trigger.

At our house, one of the living room lights turns on at 15 minutes before sunset if anyone is home. It’s simple and easy, and a good reminder to feed the dog. :wink::dog:

Start of small and then work up. Once you figure out what you like or don’t like about how your setup is working. You may find it is a lot simpler than you first thought. Or eventually you may scrap your whole setup to do it over. But at least then you’ll have more experience under your belt and it will be easier to accomplish.

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