Turn on device if temperature drops during a specific schedule?

I need to Turn on a device if temperature drops during a specific schedule frame.
I don´t want to change the Mode…

Any thoughts besides Core…? (I am an UK user and as far I know Core is not available)

CoRE will work for you. It’s probably the github integration you’re referring to that doesn’t work but even that is working for some UK users now.

You can install CoRE manually for now if you want to get your feet wet and figure out the integration later.


I use many CoRE pistons to control my fermenter heater based on wort temp. All works dandy with a Latching piston.

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mind sharing one of these pistons? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the utility of the latching piston over something like an else-if piston

There is a SmartApp in Climate Control called “Its too cold”. After reading your email I set one up. Wink did it, so I figured ST could too.

Old Rules, not even Latching. Simple beer temp control, and alarm piston.