Anyone have a good climate control piston?

So I was looking to see if anyone could share what they have used for pistons in regards to my window air-conditioner. I’m still new to CoRE and wondering how to turn the AC on and off in the same piston and which type of piston to use to do it - maybe the and if? I’d like to turn it on if 75 degrees and above, but if it stayed under 70 for 30 plus minutes to turn off. I was also hoping to include something where it would turn off if the door was left open for 5 plus minutes. Thanks in advance.

I just put together this hypothetical sample for you this morning.

The first section would turn on OC based on temperature and whether the windows are closed.
The second is the bit about the door being open. But I’ve had dicey luck with certain conditions lately Like Stays, stays away from, etc. They are supposed to work but you have to try each one with each device and see.

The third bit is about shutting it off if the temp is good for 30 minutes. But seems unecessary depending on what is controlling your AC. Also just realized I assumed you meant Central Air and not a single unit in a window or room. So this would change a bit. I also chose change Mode to heat because you used the phrase ‘shut it off’. My AC is controlled by my thermostat and will shut off when the thermostat reaches the desired temp. So if yours works different, I’d have to know.
At least this should give you a place to start.

OK so I have new tele-web core and it’s a little bit more Involved than the regular version so I’ll have to learn it before letting you know because looking at what you provided it’s like a foreign language. Thanks for doing that though - that’s one thing that I wish for is to be able to have others put stuff together for you and then somehow just drop it into your own setup plug and play.

Kinda late but you can restore/import that piston into your environment. One of the handy features of webcore.

To do this(if you or anyone else doesn’t know) you simply add a new piston, click the orange restore button, and then type in the short code towards the top of the piston. In this case it would be 8nzm.

Once you do that it will have you select the devices to put in place of theirs.


Thank you for letting me know this - had no idea. That’s a great feature!

Thanks for that! I knew they said it would be possible, but I could not find how. :slight_smile: