Kegerator Control?

I just got a new kegerator and I thought it would be fun to integrate with SmartThings. So, I got a z-wave temp sensor and a z-wave outlet. I plugged the kegerator into the z-wave outlet, put the temp sensor in the kegerator and installed the virtual thermostat smartapp. It works! When the temp reaches 36, it shuts off the z-wave outlet therefore turning off the kegerator. When the temp goes above 36, it restores the power to the kegerator and turns the compressor back on.

The only problem is that the smartapp doesn’t allow the use of a delay. If the temp rises too quickly after it turns off, it will start the compressor too soon therefore resulting in a short-cycle which is very bad for the compressor. Is there a smartapp out there that will allow me to set a delay? For example, when desired temperature (36f) is reached, turn off z-wave switch. If temperature rises above desired settings, turn z-wave switch back on but only if 10 mins has passed since it last switched off.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m super excited about getting this working and I’m so close!

Hey what kegerator did you buy?

Surely the Kegerator has a built-in thermostat? Do you really want an entire keg of beer to go bad due to an internet or ST outage?


It’s an edgestar dual tap

Sounds like a job for webCoRE.

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That’s a risk I’m willing to take

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I figured that, but I’m unsure of how to do the delay logic