Forecast is going to be cold turn on heater?

Hi all

I’m curious how I might be able to turn on a heater at a set time if the forecast is going to be under x degrees at night ?

from what I can tell it might be possible via core but I can’t work out how to use the Weather tile as a condition. Or is there a smart app out there that does this ?
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This really reminded me that I need something like this. Here in New York, in the Spring and Fall, there are times where one day we might want to use a/c, the next day heat, or that in between temperature where we don’t need either. I just setup a Core piston to do this. I have 4 Nest Thermostats (all 4 are heating, 2 are also a/c). You can also use Nest Manager if you have Nest thermostats like myself to do this automation but that compares a specific thermostat reading vs what is outside and I wanted to keep it simple and just examine outdoor temperature. @ady624, please let me know if this looks like good logic. Tough to test this as I am depending on outdoor temperatures.

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Close but i think your rule looks at current temp. ! i have core installed and will muck around with it.

The screen shot you posted - is that you setting up the rule from within Smartthings ide?

No, within CoRE I built the rule. Yes, looks at current outside temperature. Why would you want to look at the forecast instead of real time?

good point - mainly as my split system beeps when we turn it on and i’d like to turn it on if it’s going to be cold in my daughters room so it doesn’t get cold for her or wake her up with the beep.

So far my CoRE piston is working out nicely. I added push notifications so I am alerted. I can understand why you would want to pro-actively turn on heat. You can just raise your threshold parameters to turn on the heating thermostat sooner. Your thermostat shouldn’t actually heat the rooms unless it gets to a certain temperature anyway. In my case, if it get’s below 50 degrees, my heating thermostats go from “Off” to “On”. Then each thermostat will only turn on the heat if it’s colder than 69 degrees in a room. I also use Nest Manager to calculate the average temperature for my kid’s bedrooms to achieve 69 degrees.


Sorry to bother you, but I found an old post of yours from last year…

I have a Nest Thermostat and live out in Colorado where there are some major temperature fluctuations: 30 degree nights and 80 degree days…But, sometimes 30 degree nights turn into 48 degree days…

I need to have an application does something similar to yours but:

  I need the Nest Thermostat to find a Forecasted Temp Value and to adjust the Thermostat Temp Value at a specified Time Value.

I am not a programmer so I was wondering if there was a way to tweak your program to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jeff Jaslow