Turn on and set color of Lifx bulb in Classic App

I am trying to get an existing automation to work with the new temporary Lifx device handler in the Classic SmartThings app. I use the Smart Lighting app to create an automation to “Turn on and set color” of a Lifx bulb when a child button of an Inovelli switch is pushed.

This used to work fine until SmartThings changed the device handler for Lifx in January 2020. I can’t use the new app because (as far as I know), it doesn’t support the Inovelli switches with buttons yet.

Is anyone setting colors of their Lifx bulbs using the Classic App? Is there another device type handler I can use while SmartThings do their migration?

I have created a support ticket but so far not much traction on that. It seems that you’re somewhat on your own with the Classic App and I can understand if ST doesn’t want to spend too many resources on keeping the stragglers going.


Set up a Scene for the Lifx bulb with your color and brightness what you want (you should use the new app) and define the Smart Lighting rule with that Scene. I do use the previous method and ABC as well with Scenes and the IKEA 5 button remotes. It should work for you too.

Thanks for the idea. The problem is that the trigger button is not available in the new app, and it doesn’t look like the scene is shown in the Classic App…

I tried the scene in the classic app, but it has the same issue.

Try this, create the scene in classic, edit in new. Use the classic to create the rule in Smart Lighting.
But for me the Scenes created in the new app visible in the classic app without any issue.

I don’t see devices in both apps when trying to add automations. I also don’t see my classic scenes in the new app or vice versa. I am still working the problem. Last, I tried to create a virtual switch in the new app, but I don’t then see that switch in the classic app.

I have it now that I can turn on the virtual switch (via the new app UI) and it will run the scene, which sets the light and turns off the virtual switch. But I can’t control it from a classic automation. And the physical button to control this is not visible in the new app.

I basically need to have something available in both apps. Either a virtual switch, scene or something.

You definitely need to contact support. They should be visible in both places.

Thanks. I’ve clarified my support request to see if they can help me see devices or scenes in both apps.

In the mean time I finally have something sort-of working using IFTTT. The delay is not ideal but at least it is functional.