Notifications - Open Door


I just bought a smartthings Home Monitoring Kit. I love the system so far. There are just a few things that are really frustrating.

I have an iPhone (iOS) with two (2) multi-senrors, two (2) Z-Wave outlet plugs (which work AMAZNG), one (1) smartplug, and (1) one motion sensor. Everything works great and does what they are supposed to. I have a few smart apps (or routines) that control everything. But I want to control the notifications that I receive (iOS). Most of the time it is over-whelming. I get like 20-100 notifications a day which are completely IRRELEVANT.

My questions are:

  1. is there a way to control or modify the notifications i get from my multi-sensors? I do not want to know that there was a “Door Open” when the temperature changes on that sensor. IT IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. I live in Texas so the temperature at the door should change tens of times a day, if not more. I just want to know when the door is actually opened (the sensors break)…

  2. Is there a way to control when my deivce leaves through a certain sensor (front door) so that my system understands that it needs to change from “Army (Stay)” to “Disarm”, rather than a set perimeter (say 1 mile)? I do not leave out the front door unless I am going to get mail/walk dogs/etc. But I still get notifications if i Do.

  3. Is there a way to control the name of the notifications? Meaning that if i receive something from the “Back Door” or “Front Door” I get a notification that shows that, rather than just “Open Door” which means nothing to me…

I am a little lazy, but have searched the forums for a while and did not find anything (maybe that’s samsung’s fault). Sorry if this is a re-post.

For 1 & 3 what smart app are you using? You are getting notifications because you (accidentally) requested them in some smart app. Navigate to the device in question - and there is a tab to see what smart apps are associated with it. Look through those and you should be able to find the culprit.

For #2 - I have a security mode that ignores presence but arms/stay - which I use for bike rides, hanging out at neighbors, etc. I always change to this mode manually through a routine and just deactivate through a routine before I return. I love this routine because there are many times where my doors/windows are open but I end up a few houses down. So I just fire this routine and I would know if anyone walks into my open house.


Thanks fro the reply.

I am using the “Notify Me When”, “Breeze”, and “IFTTT” smartapps. I realize that I enabled notifications, however I do not see a way to control the notifications for a temperature change, i wan’t to know all the notifications I configured including “Motion Here”, “Contacts Open”, “Contact Closes”, and “Acceleration Detected”. I see how I can control the message text that is displayed on the notification “Open Door”, but a door opening is really all I care about. I guess there might be a different smartapp out there? On a side note, on a smartapp (i.e. “Notify Me When”) is there anyway to use it with two different configurations for two different sensors? Maybe that would be configured through a routine? I’d like to have one notification for the “Side Door”, “Back door”, “Garage Door”, and “Front Door” for the respective sensors.

That sounds like a good routine. I’m guessing that it knows if someone goes in the house because of motion sensors and/or certain window/door sensors (say garage door and not front/back door)? I have not gotten enough time to play with everything yet.

Possible, I would look at the smart apps associated with the problem device.

You can install a second instance of “Notify me when” and you can set different rules up. I saw someone recently made a request for Notify me when to be a parent/child app. I think that would be useful. Although a lot of what you are doing can also be done in the SHM which is parent/child.

Yes all my doors have sensors on them and I have motions. The fun part about how I do it is many times my front and garage doors are open perhaps because it is nice out. But I also have sensors on the screen door and the interior garage door. So when I arm with my routine, SHM reply that the front and garage doors are open. But I know is ok because the screen door and interior garage doors have sensors. On my street it isn’t uncommon to end up a few houses down chatting with a neighbor and having a beer when I’m supposed to be doing yard work.