Notifications are driving us crazy

We use smart things for our condo rental business and we have one Schlage Deadbolt at one of our units driving us crazy. We can’t seem to shutoff notifications for this one lock. Every time a guest uses the lock we get a notification, dozens a day. We have everything shutoff in the app and through rboy. The other Schlage locks do not do this. Our only option is to turn off all notifications for smart things on our iphone. The problem is that we get no motion sensors, entry notifications, or other alerts on any of our other condos if we do. Any help is appreciated.

If you go into the IDE and look at that device, what SmartApps is that device “In Use By”?

Did you ever have that lock set up in the Classic app’s STHM with a custom rule?

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I have never set up any custom rules. I’m not sure what you mean by going into IDE.

This is coming from Smart Lock Guest Access.

You can mute the locks in your notifications settings

Main Screen
Hamburger Menu
Gear to the top right
Tap Notifications


The IDE gives you a wealth of information about your hub(s), your devices, and most SmartApps in terms of event logs and live logging of events. If you’re using @RBoy’s device handler and SmartApps, then you must have used the IDE to set up that up, or someone else did that for you.

I have the notifications already turned off there. Only the one lock is giving me a problem.

I will check it out. Thank you for the info.

Which smartapp are you using for lock code management?

I am using Rboy

Oh then you will have to consult the smartapp settings for notifications. There is a built in guest lock code manager if you are on the new app. It’s under smartapps.



A couple of things to check to isolate where the message is coming from. If you have a the exact message that would help isolate the source.

  1. Do you have the Smart Guest Lock app in the Classic app and the new ST app installed? Is so it could be coming from there.
  2. Do you have any Automations setup in the app which may be notifying you when your lock is unlocked? You’ll have to open each Automation in the new ST app from the Automations tab to see if any of them are sending the message.
  3. Open the Classic ST app, Under My Devices -> Click on your lock under your list of devices -> Click on SmartApps. This will show a list of smartapps connected to your lock. If it’s not the any of the above, then it’s coming from one of the SmartApps connected here. If it’s coming from LUM or RLA you can disable notifications from within the app under the Notifications page (Disable all push notifications). If that’s enabled and you’re still getting a push notification it’s from a different app or automation

Thanks for getting back to me.

We are not using the classic app, we only have the newest app installed.
-Under Settings/Notifications all lock notifications are shut off
We do not have any automations at all setup.
The only smart apps we have are:
–Rboy Rental Lock Control (disabled all push notifications and under user management “notify on use” is disabled)
–Smart Lock Guest Access (no place for notifications)

–Smart Things Home Monitor (disarmed for motion sensor)

I’ve had time to look into the IDE. The only in sue by is: Rental lock control
I have only ever used the newest app. I just installed the lock in January.

Smart Lock Guest Access is likely where these notifications are coming from. You can disable it if you don’t want the notifications.

We purchased the locks specifically to use that particular smart app. The other locks, at other properties, work fine. It’s just this one giving is a problem.

This issue should be flagged for our product team. I have replicated a similar issue in my home with Guest Smart Locks and Schlage locks (not being able to disable notifications)

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Hopefully something gets done. We are going crazy getting dozens of messages a day for this one lock.

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This is seriously out of control. Today I received 30+ messages from this one lock and none from the others. I am about ready to remove the lock completely.

You can uninstall smart locks for now and use LUM instead where you can customize individual user notifications.

I will give it a try. I’m not sure exactly how to uninstall smart locks.