Turn off remote control for Samsung Soundbar (Execution Location - Cloud)

I have a Samsung Soundbar Q800T which is configured and connected to wifi with Smartthings app. I can control the soundbar remotely, even if I’m not in the same wifi network the soudbar is connected to. I would like to disable this feature so that the soundbar can be controled from the samrtthings app only when in the same wifi network. Is there any way to do this ?

I want to do this, because after connecting the soundbar to my spotify account, whenever I hit play the soundbar automatically turns on, even though I am listening music in my car…

I’ve seen someone else report this in the past, but when we asked for more information about it they unfortunately stopped responding.

There is not a way to do what you are asking. It does require a connection to the Cloud to facilitate remote control, software updates, Automations, SmartThings Home Monitor alerts, etc.

I would suggest seeing if Spotify Support has any idea since they are where the commands are ultimately originating from.

I did and this is the answer I received: “Connect APIn is implemented by the manufacturer, and it seems that when other devices search for Connect devices, this is started”. And they pointed to contact Samsung.

I’m no software engineer so if you say it’s impossible then it must be. However I can turn off wifi on my soundbar and there is no connection at all. It’s kind of a workaround but then I loose Spotify cast option.

Would it be possible to turn off cloud connection just for my particular soundbar if I give you my account details in a Private message ?

Not saying it’s impossible, just would make the most sense to me that the party sending the commands (Spotify) would be at fault in this case. I see Spotify mentioned in the installation guide for the Soundbar, but only in a very limited capacity.

It’s not immediately clear what level of integration is offered on the Soundbar, as I’m not finding this model (or really any Samsung Soundbar) on this listing of Spotify Connect compatible Wireless Speakers.

I’m not a Spotify user myself, but I would probably remove this Soundbar from the Connect App (if possible). It seems to me that Spotify Connect works with Samsung TVs in a more straightforward fashion, so if this Soundbar connects to a Samsung TV, then you can Spotify Connect to the TV and play the audio out of the Soundbar. Hope this advice helps, let me know what you think.

There’s not a way to turn this off, I apologize.

I have my soundbar connected to a LG B9 TV which also works with spotify but it just is easier and more convenient to use soundbar and keep the tv turned off. There is a workaround - I can always turn off wifi on the soundbar and connect with it via bluetooth everytime I want to play music. It won’t turn on once I run spotify and hit play, though I loose the ability to control the soundbar from Smartthings app and once connected via bluetooth it plays all sounds from my phone - phonecalls etc.

I’ll try contacting spotify one more time.

Anyway @garrett.kranz thank you for your help. Samsung’s community forum is useless as I, nor anyone else with this problem, haven’t received any help from their moderators. You’re the first person who actually understood the problem and tried to help me.

Yeah, I would get some clarification here. For example:

  • If my Soundbar fully supports this Spotify Connect feature, then why is it unlisted on your website among other supported products?
  • When I’m in my car and playing music, how is it the Soundbar receives the audio track I’m playing? It is not on the same local network, yet is clearly being sent more than a “search” command in order to begin playing audio.
  • What could I do to provide logs or other documentation of the issue I am experiencing for Spotify to review?

Happy to try and help! Sorry I could not do more for you. Could you link me to the Samsung Community thread where you’ve posted? I knew I had heard this before, but it was a lone support ticket then.

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I did contact them and they passed this for further investigation.


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