App Windows 11 no soundbar control or Spotify link

I recently bought a Soundbar Q990C, I downloaded the app in my IPhone and my computer.

I use my PC to watch movies through a projector and listen music from Spotify.

Today I realized that I can’t connect the PC Spotify to the soundbar when I have no problem connecting the Spotify and the soundbar with my phone.

The other problem is that I can’t do anything with the soundbar through the PC SmartThings app. I can not control sound mode, connectivity, equalizer, NOTING

So, is it normal? Everyone has the same issue of having zero controls on the PC app?


The windows app has not received any updates in 3 years (when it was first released) so possible it is no longer being supported. Do a quick search for “windows app” to see all the various issues that are being reported.


Thanks for the info!!!

My app has had quite a few updates, the latest being in the last few weeks. It is still as limited as it was on day one so I suspect any updates may focus on the SmartThings Find functionality on Galaxy devices. So it still seems to be maintained, just at an embarrassing level.

Can you connect the soundbar to the Spotify App on the computer? That is how I controlled Spotify casting to my soundbar (Sonos.) The PC Smartthings App, as mentioned by others, was not useful.

No I can’t, I tried several times, looks like Spotify is trying to connect but not working

The sound bar for Sonos allows direct connection to Spotify by way of BlueTooth or Wifi. Your iPhone may be connecting by BT. Make sure all devices (iPhone, PC, Soundbar) are on the same wifi SSID and then try. Let me know what happens. Thanks.