Tunein not working?

Just noticed that TuneIn doesn’t seem to be working on either of my Echos when I ask for a station.

If I ask her to play a radio station she just says she cant find the station.
If I ask her to play a station from TuneIn she says she can’t contact TuneIn.

I can see TuneIn from within the Alexa App and it lets me search stations, but wont play when I ask Alexa.
Strangely - If I click on a station from within the Alexa App it plays through the Echo !

Has anyone else got this problem ?

I had exactly the same issue with Tunein until yesterday when I requested Amazon to switch my account from US to UK. Once they had made the change Tunein started working again and is playing BBC 2 at the moment.

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Thanks for that - I will just wait until I get switched over then.

Did Amazon contact you to advise the switch over had happened ?
I’m still waiting, but I didn’t contact them until last night so I might be at the back of the queue !

They said they would but I haven’t heard from them so far. I just kept logging in on the alexa.amazon.com site and suddenly it just jumped to alexa.amazon.co.uk and I new I had been switched.
I had to re install the Smarthings skill and re authorise etc but everything that I use is working great apart from IFTTT which apparently is coming soon
I’m still using US English language though just to keep my AskAlexa skill working.

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Thanks for the information. I will just keep trying and wait to be switched over.

I logged the call at 7:30pm last night and they said it would be within 24 hours.

I know we’re all very excited that we’ve got an echo here in the UK but these are strictly not related to smartthings and there are lots of amazon echo forums out there.

Just saying… :stuck_out_tongue:

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You have a good point, come on this is a Smartthings forum.

However, I too are having Echo problems to do with US/UK switchover…

There is a good forum on this over at https://amazonechouk.com

It is - but cut a little slack. It gets people talking which can only be a good thing right?

It’d be pretty quiet on here otherwise.