Should have stayed on US version

So after wanting to switch to the UK version of echo i am filled with regret!

My Tado thermostat doesn’t work (its supposed to on launch)
Spotify wont connect
The UK voice is just annoying

it actually feels like its just launched and the last 2 years of developments for US have no impact

Dont get me wrong, its working perfect with ST and hue. I would just think that i wouldn’t have seen much of a difference in regards to certain things

Contact Amazon support as advised on other threads. I think that should solve your problems

I say this because Spotify is working fine for me (I didn’t have a US Echo).

I think thats a little harsh.

Spotify works fine for me.

Have you spoken to Tado ?

Hi, I had trouble connecting Spotify through the app but if you connect it through the web interface it should work OK (or at least did for me). Hope this helps.

Yes spotify seemed to be a little buggy connecting, but its working now. Im really hoping they get round to the sonos and Alexa integration soon, I think I’ll be emailing and seeing if they could find their way to putting me on the beta.

If got round the lack of IFTTT on the UK version by creating a virtual ST button and having IFTTT use that as the trigger instead of a striaght command from Alexa to IFTTT.

If you prefer the US voice, you should still be able to pick that by going into the settings of the echo/Alexa. (As long as it has updated its software to version 4008).

No idea on the Neatmo as I use Evohome.

Evohome works OK, but it could be better.