Trying To Use My Schlage Bridge With SmartThings APP with ZERO Success

Hi, my first post. We just moved into a home with Schlage Z-Wave locks and a Trane Z-Wave thermostat. The instructions seem to be Nexia-branded and everything tells you to install and buy a Nexia subscription. I did that, and it all works nicely. The bridge links with all my devices. However, I am trying to reduce the number of monthly subscriptions (bills) I get each month! Can SmartThings work with this Schlage Bridge. I was not able to add it on the app despite reading that others have done it. Am I missing something stupid here? I’m a network engineer and it’s really got me annoyed that I cannot figure this out!!

Lennar home? You would have to exclude it from Nexia and then pair it directly to SmartThings.


What’s the exact model of the lock?

The Schlage bridges do not work with smartthings, but they are not necessary because the zwave locks will connect directly to the smartthings hub. However, you will need to first exclude them (clear the controller information) from the lock in order to then include it to the SmartThings network.

See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)


Yes, a Lennar Home in Florida. We moved from the NYC area. I was too sick of the brutal winters. The taxes sucked also! The original owner from 4 years ago never this system with Nexia. He had no clue about “that Smart Home stuff”. I’ve been a player since the X-10 days! Despite that, no one from Lennar can help me with a code for the one year free access to Nexia. I do not have a SmartThings hub. I guess I have to make a decision…pay $10 per month forever, or whatever the cost of the new hub. I suspect they’re fairly cheap (less than $100), correct?

Anyway, all that being said, are you saying my Schlage Bridge will only work with Nexia?

Thanks, Billy!

I moved into a Lennar home in 2015 that came with the Schlage/Nexia bridge. Used it for maybe 2 months before I outgrew it. The new SmartThings hub is $70.

Model numbers would help clarify the discussion.

The “Schlage Nexia bridge” (BR100NX) Is a zwave controller. It establishes a zwave network. In that sense it is a competitor to the smartthings hub, Which is also a zwave controller. So you would use one or the other, not both. It is important to note that the BR100NX has firmware which will reboot this controller from time to time if it is not connected to the Nexia cloud. That means it cannot be connected to another Z wave network unless the nexia account is also active or it will just keep rebooting itself.

The Schlage Sense Wi-Fi bridge (BR400) allows a Schlage Sense lock to be accessed remotely even if you don’t have Apple HomeKit. That’s probably not what you have, but that’s why the model numbers matter.

Anyway, the Z wave devices that can be connected to the Nexia bridge Can probably also be connected directly to a smartthings hub Once they have been excluded from the Nexia bridge network. So things like light switches and motion sensors and probably the Schlage lock.

All of which is to say you cannot use the Nexia bridge with SmartThings. But you can probably use the individual zwave devices with a smartthings hub instead of with the Nexia bridge. But again, model numbers would let us answer this more specifically. :sunglasses:

I can’t find a model # anywhere on the device itself, but I think it is the one you referenced. Perhaps the info below reported on The Nexia app will tell you this? So if I’m reading this correctly, if I removed it from my Nexia subscription, eventually, it would fail? If so, I think the SmartThings Bridge or Hub is the way to go.

Nexia Home Bridge

Bridge firmware version: 001.029.013

Z-Wave firmware version: 3.67

MAC Address:

Enrolled on: August 17, 2018 09:09 AM

Last Backup: Never

Last Restore: Never

During a backup or restore, device control and automations will be disabled.

What’s on the FCC label?

And, yes, it will probably keep rebooting itself if you don’t have an active nexia account.

The FCC ID is P2GBR100.

OK, yeah, that’s the model BR 100. The NX suffix just means it had Nexia logos on it. ( schlage also had a couple of other relabeled versions, one for Trane, for example.)

So that’s the zwave controller, you would use the smartthings hub instead.