New SmartThings button, what am I missing here?

(Josh Fink) #1

Maybe I’ve just had a long week but for the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

I got a couple of the buttons to use with ST. I added the button no problem into the app but there is no place at all the set up what the push, hold and double push do. I can see it find in Webcore and can make it work that way however shouldn’t there be a way to set it up inside the SmartThings app?

Thanks for the help

(Jimmy) #2

Routines in the classic app. Smart Lights in both apps. The device screen and custom automation creator in the new app

(Josh Fink) #3

Thanks. I’m in the classic app. Perhaps I’m not understanding.

I can create a routine, which I have, but I don’t see how to trigger it with the butto.

(DanG) #4

Press the gear icon of the routine you want to change. Under Additional settings tap Automatically perform {name of routine} Then tap ‘Button is pushed or held’ The rest should be self explanatory

(Josh Fink) #5

Wow. So easy. I can’t believe I totally missed that. That’s where I assumed it would be but I just missed the button piece.

Thank you both for the help