New SmartThings button, what am I missing here?

Maybe I’ve just had a long week but for the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

I got a couple of the buttons to use with ST. I added the button no problem into the app but there is no place at all the set up what the push, hold and double push do. I can see it find in Webcore and can make it work that way however shouldn’t there be a way to set it up inside the SmartThings app?

Thanks for the help

Routines in the classic app. Smart Lights in both apps. The device screen and custom automation creator in the new app


Thanks. I’m in the classic app. Perhaps I’m not understanding.

I can create a routine, which I have, but I don’t see how to trigger it with the butto.

Press the gear icon of the routine you want to change. Under Additional settings tap Automatically perform {name of routine} Then tap ‘Button is pushed or held’ The rest should be self explanatory

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Wow. So easy. I can’t believe I totally missed that. That’s where I assumed it would be but I just missed the button piece.

Thank you both for the help

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