Trying to understand when things run local

Sorry another question about local processing. :slight_smile:

I’ve managed ( to my surprise ) have most of my lighting automations run locally, and turn off as well. Tested this by unplugging my internet connection. Success. :+1:

My question is. Will these still work if ST had a server issue or things like that. Like do these automations actually run on the hub itself and as long as it has power, these automations will run?


Local processing is just that. It’s not dependent upon the cloud. ST could brick the Hub and nothing will work but for the most part, if it runs local, it will continue to run local no matter what issue the cloud is having.

I’m not sure about time based events though. How does the Hub know what time it is it when it isn’t connected to the internet let’s say for weeks or months…

Time based automations actually work to my surprise, without the internet.

Through smartlighting , I set up IF motion stops for xx amount of time, turn off light. And it works without the internet.

But I’m not sure if there was a server issue on their end if these automations still run locally.

Since you’re testing your system, here’s a test I would like to hear the results from…

  1. Hub running local automations, with home internet disabled - verify all local automations working as expected.
  2. With internet still down, reboot the hub.
  3. After reboot, do any of the local automations still run? Or does it require the cloud connection to get its configuration?

I am curious if the hub truly persists any of the local automation on the hub or not?


It has an internal clock, as do most hubs. :sunglasses:

However, at one point both sunset/sunrise and daylight savings time were maintained in the cloud, not the hub.

I don’t know if that’s still true. :thinking:

If it is, then automations based on sunset/sunrise either won’t run local or won’t ever change if the hub is offline.

Also the offline hub won’t adjust for DST.

Also at present there is no way to add, edit, or delete automations without the cloud, so there’s that…


The sunrise/sunset automations work as far as I know.
I have a few of these in automations and have the little L next to the automation to suggest it’s local.

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Haven’t tried 2 and 3 but I will. That’s a good test to try actually.
Number 1 definitely works.