SmartApps Cloud vs Local

I’ve created several Smart Lighting apps. Can someone help me understand what determines if it’s local or cloud based?


Local means that the smart app is executing locally (also that all devices referenced by the smart app are also executing locally).

Cloud means that the smart app (or devices that the smart app is referencing) are cloud based.

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So any instance of the smartapp that controls a device that might be using a custom device handler or a non-local device handler will run on the cloud.

Also the 2 instances you have with sunset would run on the cloud since anything that uses sunrise/sunset runs on the cloud currently (from what I’ve observed).


Sunset/Sunrise is no longer cloud based. All three of these are based on sunset/sunrise:


(The fan one is using the new “Z-Wave Fan Controller” DTH which currently is cloud based as opposed to the “Z-Wave Dimmer” which ran locally. Its not critical so I don’t care enough to switch the DTH…I figure they will update it to run locally soon enough.)

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So why is mine cloud based? This is a new SmartApp I just created (day before yesterday) because my other stopped working (after flawless performance for months) for no known reason… I couldn’t get this one to work without an offset either… I don’t know if that’s relevant, but… I’m using ST Classic, is that the difference?

No, shouldn’t matter. Are any of your devices cloud based? Double click the device list and make sure they are “local” also. Everything in the routine needs to be local.

All of the devices associated with the SmartApp show to be local. The SmartApp uses a scene which sets dimmer levels, that’s it.

All of this came about when I started looking at SHM. My internet was down this morning and I couldn’t disarm the system. VERY FRUSTRATING! I can not believe there is no local control for SHM…

Yeah…the SHM not running locally is kinda a pain.

As for the other part I’d contact support…there is no reason it shouldn’t be running locally.

In the ide, go to your location and then click scenes at the bottom to check if that scene runs local.

Executed Locally = false :confused:

So does this mean because I use a scene it will be required to run in the cloud?

There is no way your hub is running a old firmware is there? I think sunset/sunrise came somewhere around v19.


Recreate your exterior lights one from scratch…see if it does the same thing.

If the scene doesn’t run locally then the automation can’t run locally. Looking at my scenes, I believe only on/off is supported locally for scenes. Any of mine with color or dim setting does not run locally.


Any clue why the SmartApp requires an offset to trigger? It will not fire at sunset without one…? It worked for months without one…

I didn’t notice the scene part. All my SmartLighting routines are directly controlling the lights and I never had a problem but that makes sense since if any part is cloud the entire thing is.

When they ran in the cloud it was a issue since lots of automations would all fire at the same time and allegedly overwhelm the server. But when it moved local I thought that went away.

With that said I have a offset on 2 of the 3 routines but all three work properly. I’d still go with recreate it and see what happens.

Thanks. I have been recreating/deleting this rule for a week trying to figure out why it stopped working. It was just luck I stumbled on the offset “fix” as I got impatient waiting until the next day for sunset :grin:. This SmartApp is only two days old, but, I’ll be glad to try it again and see!