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Trying to understand Modes


I am new to ST and am trying to climb the steep learning curve. I have found where I can name and edit Modes in the IDE, but I can’t find where or how those modes are made active. I would like to be able to click a button at night on the Smartthings Connect app to set the Mode to Sleep to trigger things.

(Jimmy) #2

In the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app, you can manually change the mode from the Devices tab. Then you can setup a custom automation on the Automations tab to take actions on individual devices or a scene based on that mode change.


Jimmy, thanks for responding to my question. I am unable to see any mode options on the Devices tab on my android phone. I have also looked in the Add Device but can’t see a place to add them.

(Jimmy) #4

Make sure on the devices tab you have chosen a specific location from the drop down at the top.


I found the small bar at the top, just below Add Devise that has a drop-down for modes… Thanks.

(Jimmy) #6

Glad you found it. Supposedly they are working on adding setting the mode to the scenes functionality.


Does the phone, which is set as a presence sensor, automatically change modes when I am away from home?

(Jimmy) #8

No. You have to set an automation to do that.


I am sorry to be so uninformed, but when I add an automation, I can use one of the modes as a condition, but I can’t see where I set a mode in automations.

(Jimmy) #10

You would put the mode change on the Then side. You can’t use a mode as both an IF and a THEN, though. Try IF X devices leave, THEN change mode to X.


OK, got it.

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(Jimmy) #13

^that’s a good link highlighting how to leverage modes. The only thing that wouldn’t apply is Routines since they don’t exist in the new app.