Setting a Mode via App v2

How/where the heck do I manually set a mode via the app (i.e. Change Away mode to Home mode)? With the old app, touch the top left icon (or slide screen to right) and all the modes were displayed and simply touching one changed current mode to it… I cannot find any means to do this anymore using the new app.

Yes, I know new modes can be added and old modes editted via the “My Locations” option but that is all I can find within the new app. What am I not seeing here??

The only way to change modes in the new app, without creating your own SmartApp, is to use Routines. The ability to change just a mode was removed in the new release.

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Fine. Now that I know I can live with that I suppose. Simply using routine(s) to change the mode makes sense if I think about it.

Discussion here. See number 5 in the FAQ. This has been updated for the V2 app.

This may be off topic for this post but it just struck me how bizarre and convoluted this system is lol.

  1. You have to set up different modes for the system.
  2. You have to set up routines to control the different modes. (cannot control modes directly.)
  3. You have to set up different Smart apps to control or be controlled by the different routines and or modes.
  4. You have to set up Smart apps to control and monitor your things.

Wow :slight_smile: So weird. Who thought up this Architecture?

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I’ve been using virtual switches and the “Switch Changes mode” App.