Where to find the Modes?

(Simon Shi) #1

Hey guys,

I am new to Smart Things and are very interested in it. But I haven’t bought it yet due to one very important feature - Modes which I can’t verify it through the app in Google Play since I don’t have Smart Thing in hand.

So does this mobile app for ST has this function? I didn’t see it through the explore function of the app or the screenshot.

I think it will be very convenient if I have a few buttons like Home, Away, Night, etc when I leave the house or arrive home while the system prepare for my coming or leaving.

Maybe this app already have this function, if so, where to find it?

Or even better, can someone prepare a instruction manual pdf for the new people like me to explore the functions?

Thanks so much!

(The fish is still dead.) #2

What you’re thinking of as a “mode” is what ST calls a “Hello Home Phrase”. Modes are just flags that can be used to inform decision making in SmartApps etc. A Hello Home phrase is what you would use to trigger a group of actions as you describe.

(Simon Shi) #3

Thank you btk for your reply!

So it HAS this function, right?

I heard that Smart Things showed the Next Gen version which probably launch in April. I think I will buy the new version. This community is thriving and encouraging…

Will learn more from you guys since I am new to this area of home automation.

Thanks again!

(Andrew Cockburn) #4

Yes, the mobile App has the ability to trigger any of your hello home phrases. Even better, you can automate them if you like by time of day, or even returning home for instance.

(Simon Shi) #5


But that Phrases can’t be seen and only after I buy one. right?

(Andrew Cockburn) #6

Yes, the phrases are attached to a location which is in turn attached to a hub - you can’t configure or see the modes until you have a location for them to run at. You get a few created by default but you can add/remove/edit them as you like, but you won’t be able to see them until you have a hub installed and configured.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7


And you can directly set the mode from the left side tab in the mobile app… :horse:

(Simon Shi) #8

Thank you for your response! It’s sweet!