Can you customize the mode defined

By default the app has 3 modes


I use them in my other apps to setup a mode entry/exit depending on what I want to do.
can these be customized to do things based on the mode like turn on/off devices control temp etc.

I can seem to find out what they do other than changing the mode.

I can add new Modes but it seems to be only allowing me to add names but nothing else related to that
Am I missing something here or is it really just the intent


The modes are just the text. Once you have created the mode you need to use smart apps to automatically switch between them and to take advantage of them.

When you define a new app, it will usually have a section at the bottom that says “Set for specific mode(s)”. For example I have the Big Turn OFF app and I have it set for Away and Night under the “Set for specific mode(s)”. So this app will trigger when I change my mode to Away or Night.

So you do not edit the mode to do things, you edit the app to run when specific modes are selected. Make sense?

Thanks for the replies. Yes it does make sense.
I was hoping that the Good Morning/Good Night setting have the same capability as I have not looked at the other apps quite yet.

Those have a mode change setting that takes me into and out of a specific mode which I guess would trigger other apps that are set to work in that mode. I am still learning this system so it is starting to make more and more sense.

Glad to have helpful people that are making things faster to grasp.
BTW is there good documentation that I can take a look at this describes these it will be definitely helpful to me

Thanks Again

I am having some problems only using the 3 predefined modes and would like to add a new one, here is my scenario:

  1. I am using the Away mode with the default “Goodbye!” App, which transitions modes when I leave the house and will lock the doors/turn off all lights.

  2. I am using the Night mode with an App I created called “Sunset”, which transitions at sunset and will turn on outside lights and lock all of the doors.

  3. I am using the default “Goodnight!” App to turn off some interior and exterior lights at 10pm.

  4. I would like to create a new mode called “Night Away” that is used with a new App called “I’m Back at Night”, which would turn on lights when I arrive at night but I don’t want this to happen during the day.

The problem with using the default modes is that I can’t add logic to my new “I’m Back at Night” App that says, only run this app when the mode is “Away” AND “Night”, the App only allows OR logic. Currently the “Goodbye!” App will always set the mode to “Away” no matter what time it is. Please let me know if there is another way to accomplish what I am asking for.

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