Trying to setup walking notifications for SmartTag 2 under pet care

I recently bought a collar adapter for one of my SmartTag2 units. Everything is working well, but im trying to turn on Walking Notifications which is labeled as a Labs setting, but keep getting the following message:

To use this function, add your Home as a place and its WiFi information to your Samsung account.

Any idea where to do this? Everywhere I’ve looked, already as my address entered and I can’t find anyplace to add my WiFi information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That sounds like a description of ‘Places’ in your Samsung Account.

On a Samsung phone you can manage your account via Menu > settings cog in the SmartThings app where it’s at the top, or by opening your phone settings, where it is on the top on my phone and also buried elsewhere.

I thought Places had gone from Samsung accounts ages ago but they seem to have come back in a different form which includes being able to associate a WiFi network with a place. They have to be managed on a device as you need to be at the place to select the WiFi network. On my phone you can’t select a saved network.

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Thanks, that did it. I was able to add the wifi association to it and activate the option. Really appreciate it.

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