Trying to replace a device

I’m trying to replace an Aeon Smart Siren. It works, but has a constant humming noise. New one does not have the noise. When I try to replace it ST says.
“Device not considered failed.”. And doesn’t seem to let me replace it.

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It’s generally much easier to just “Remove” it and then add the new one.

There is a force remove option (as well as a force Z-Wave Exclude function if your replacement device has already been added to another network).

Reset the device to factory settings, then rerun the replace.(being an Aeon device, the reset procedure is hold button for 20 seconds)

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The " replace" button in the app can be misleading. Replace is not used to physically replace a device. It is used when a Z-wave device drops off the network and no longer communicates with ST hub. So since your device is still communicating with ST , As far as ST is concerned it is working properly and does not need to be replaced.
To physically replace a device you need to remove it ( now this can be done through IDE and will automatically remove it from all automations, apps and routines ) .
Then you add the new device like any other new device and reprogram all of your apps, routines etc.

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I’ve had instances where motion sensor stopped working but it continued to report lux, temp and battery. ST wasn’t aware that motion was not working, so I had to spoon feed that to ST, by resetting the device and then running a replace.

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This is when ( SOMETIMES ) simply power cycling the device is enough to wake it up. ( While they are Zigbee ) I find this a lot with the Iris PIR, and to a lesser extent the Z-Wave GC PIR They will continue to report temp changes but fail to report motion

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If you are going to remove the device, make sure to do it through the IDE so you can skip the part of removing the device from all of the associated smartapps. If you remove from the mobile device, I believe you have to remove one by one …


Yeah, same experience with Zigbee here. When motion is stuck power cycle fixes it. My experience with zwave and actually only with Aeon sensors, if the motion is stuck, is stuck for good. Only reset will bring it back. I didn’t have this kind of events with my Ecolink or Fibaro. Once working, they keep going. Slow pokes when it comes to taking action but very reliable.

Yeah, I ended up having to unplug the siren, take it out of range, then do a repair network, then plug in new one, then replace, and it worked fine.