Trying to Intergrate a sensor open / close to send a URL command

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A few questions to begin with:

One) brand and model of the sensors?

Two) were they ever seen by IFTTT before? That is, is this a new problem?

If it’s not a “ used to work, stopped working“ problem, open the app and make sure that all the sensors you want to use are authorized for the IFTTT integration:

Three) IFTTT Integration is a single level if/then construct, so you will only be able to trigger off of one device at a time. Is that the issue you’ve run into? If so, you can’t fix it from IFTTT, but you can use a different logic method with SmartThings. See the community FAQ (the thread title is a clickable link)

  1. what version of the SmartThings mobile app are you using?