Trying to Intergrate a sensor open / close to send a URL command

Greetings, I am a long time home automater, but new to this forum.
I am trying to get a mailbox sensor to send a ‘notifyme’ url using webhooks
and failing terribly, I have been using IFTTT to do some of the simple heavy listing
but now ran into a wall, where IFTTT only see’s ONE OF MY open/close sensors.
Smartthings tech support has been useless… they blame IFTTT and of course IFTTT blames smartthings…


Welcome! :sunglasses:

A few questions to begin with:

One) brand and model of the sensors?

Two) were they ever seen by IFTTT before? That is, is this a new problem?

If it’s not a “ used to work, stopped working“ problem, open the app and make sure that all the sensors you want to use are authorized for the IFTTT integration:

Three) IFTTT Integration is a single level if/then construct, so you will only be able to trigger off of one device at a time. Is that the issue you’ve run into? If so, you can’t fix it from IFTTT, but you can use a different logic method with SmartThings. See the community FAQ (the thread title is a clickable link)

  1. what version of the SmartThings mobile app are you using?

The sensors are Monoprice Z-Wave+ sensors
(how do I ‘authorize’ them to work with IFTTT, one sensor worked perfectly without me doing anything, second sensor is invisible! to IFTTT)

Version 1.6.31-25 of the app


Yes, thank you, I know what IFTTT is. ( it’s also discussed at length in the complex logic FAQ linked to in point 3 in my previous post.)

As far as how you authorize them, use the link to the official supportbase in point 2 in my previous post.

If you have cognitive or physical disabilities that make it difficult for you to follow links, please let us know. We do have some community members with those issues. Then we can try to present the information in a way which will be more helpful to you. Otherwise, in general in this forum if someone gives you a link it’s probably going to be useful. :wink:

I clicked on your wiki link, it gave instructions on HOW to set up a device, I missed the authorize a device part, I will re-look and get back to you.

It’s about halfway down the page:

How do I edit which SmartThings devices IFTTT can control?

I can’t help you with the app itself as it is not voice navigable, but if something’s changed or you can’t find it, hopefully someone else will be able to help.

FOUND IT, it was buried a few levels deep!!!


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