Linking with IFTTT

Hello Everyone,
This might not be a smartthings error / issue but i wanted to ask the community and see if someone has done this before and if i can get some help.
Ok so i wanted to have smartthings turn on all the lights inside and outside my house if my adt alarm went off. since my adt is not linked to smartthings i decided to use ifttt.
here is the process i followed
IFTTT create new

  1. IF Gmail (New Mail in Inbox from)
  2. entered the email address which i get my alarm notification from " usually "
  3. THEN smartthings - at this point it asks me to connect smartthings with ifttt - i enter username password and allows
    me to select devices to give ifttt access too.
  4. Select - Switch ON
  5. this is where things go wrong. here is where i should be able to select which device to turn on or off and when i click on the drop down which is marked " please select a switch " its empty , clicking the arrow to show options shows nothing.

I have tried this on my mobile device and on desktop with no luck.
no matter what i do i get no devices to select.

So i was hoping someone here has had luck linking smartThings and IFTTT and could help me out.
Thank You

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thank you i think i will see if anyone has figured out a solution to this issue on that post