MyQ door status integration

Hello. I have 2 MyQ smart garage doors, which integrates with IFTTT for door status (open/closed). When SmartThings was supported by IFTTT, I was able to use a virtual switch for each door to keep track of open/closed for several of my automations. Since ST is not supported by IFTTT anymore, all of those automations are no longer working. Are there any workarounds for this?

Yes. Search the forums for MyQ.

Ifttt is currently working to restore the integration


There is an alternative method, but it’s fairly complex and requires an additional server device like a raspberry pi or laptop.

[ST Edge] SmartThings MyQ Edge

Otherwise as @jkp said IFTTT support has confirmed that they are working on a new integration, so if you just want to wait for that you can.


I set this up today. Wasn’t too bad and working perfectly. Thanks for the tip!

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