IFTTT integration suddenly stopped working 24h ago

Was working just fine before. E.g. my front door Multi Sensor had triggered rule “Open -> Turn on Light” almost 400 times. Since around 24 hours ago, none of my several sensors are able to activate ANY IFTTT recipes. I have not even entered the SmartThings app or changed any aspects of my local wifi. I can trigger other IFTTT rules just fine (e.g. via Echo). Anybody else experienced this ?

Alas, suddenly the integration is working again tonight, no idea why.

My IFTTT recipes stopped working and looking at the live log, I realized that of my “things” were no longer authorized:

I went on IFTTT and reactivated the channel and everything seems to be back to normal now,

UPDATE: that didn’t work…It reverted back to no devices:

@slagle, @jody.albritton, any suggestions?

I will add this to the list of issues I am tracking. I will update here when I find some information.


Jody, you can scratch this off your list. Reinit the IFTTT connect app fixed the problem…

Still wanna know why it happened and how we can prevent it from happening again in the future.

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all of my routines stopped working yesterday, but then started again a few hours later. also got an email about a hub update, so who knows.


That would be great, there was no indications anywhere why the integration stopped, and then suddenly resumed (with roughly a 24 hour disruption window).