Yale Conexis L1 auto-unlocking?

I have recently installed Yale Conexis L1 with z-wave module, so it works with smartthings. I also connected Sonos speaker with smartthings, so when Yale L1 locks/unlocks, the speaker announces the status.
All of sudden, recently the speaker starting to announce randomly that the Yale L1 is unlocked without no commands. When it happens, I check the door and noticed, the lock is still locked. But smartthings shows the lock is unlocked status.
I’m very confused why this is happening?
Did anyone come across this ? Any advice what might be the problem and how to fix it?
Thanks a lot guys in advance.

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first thought is the following thread…

Does your lock by any chance have auto lock enabled?

Hi RBoy, I’m not so sure it’s auto-lock is enabled.
I’ve checked both yale app and smartthings app and there’s no such option. But I noticed, if the door is opened and not doing anything, it tends to lock itself after short time.
I saw some zwave issue following above reply, and did ‘repair z-wave network’ under smartthings app. I hope it fixes the problem… I did that last night and it’s been 24hrs and seems fine after that. We shall see…

Yes that’s auto lock. If you have access to RBOY APPS then you can use this enhanced device handler to access the auto lock feature and other configuration features like relock time, power save etc.

If auto lock is enabled then it’s possible that door tried to lock itself but something obstructed it and it opened as a safety, which is the notification you saw but then eventually auto relocked it self.