Conexis l1 and Z-wave 2 module thinks it’s a lightswitch

I have purchased a Aeotec smart home hub v3 but I have a question about an issue I have.
I have a Yale Conexis l1 and a z wave 2 module.
I purchased your Aeotec smart hub so i could connect through SmartThings. The Issue I am having after installing hub is connecting the Yale smart lock and Yale z wave in SmartThings app it seems to keep adding it as a switch and not a door lock I have tried a number of times and I am stumped not sure what is wrong or how hub or SmartThings is adding it as a switch not a lock it seems to add z wave module as switch as when you click on it in app it has timers and a dimmer not a lock. Any help would be appreciated. Dont know why this is not added to the hub correctly I have contacted Yale they say it’s not an issue with the lock or Z wave. I contacted Samsung and they said uninstall smartthings app then reinstall, but that did not fix issue. I need help please advise it will be much appreciated. I attached picture of the lock but as you can see it’s added as a switch and not a lock ???

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

This problem typically occurs when a device has a “fingerprint“ (the combination of the alphanumeric manufacturer id and model number) which is not found in the stock smartthings “edge Drivers“ (a proprietary code layer unique to smartthings which smartthings adds over the top of the independent, third-party zwave standard). If there’s no fingerprint match, then the platform will try to look at the basic capabilities of the device and frequently gets this wrong, usually guessing that something is a Z wave switch when it isn’t. :thinking:

It can also happen when the pairing of an individual device fails either because of a problem with the hub or because of a security issue. In the second instance, the fingerprint will look like all zeros.

The first step is to go to the device details on the advanced page of the web interface to your smartthings account, and look at what the fingerprint is listed as.

If the fingerprint is all zeros, that’s a problem with adding the device. You should start by reporting it to support at

If the fingerprint is not all zeros, in someways, that’s better news, because it probably just means that that fingerprint needs to be added to an existing edge driver.

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I may sound stupid it what are the fingerprints is that the driver details ? Do I look at the hub ? or the Z wave ?

You’re not at all stupid: this stuff is confusing, unique to smartthings, but not well documented by smartthings. Plus they keep making changes to it. So we all get confused from time to time.

Here’s the community FAQ, which has lots and lots of answers to lots and lots of questions. If you decide you want to start researching more:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Meanwhile, the short answer is that The fingerprints Are listed on the device details for the end device, in this case your lock. They are at that webpage, not in the SmartThings mobile app. It looks like you clicked on the information for the driver, not the device. Instead:

  1. start at the link to the advanced page in the web interface,. You will see a choice between your locations, your hubs, and your devices. Choose your devices.

  1. now you will see a list of your devices. Click on the “device label” of the one that you want to get the fingerprint for.

  2. now you will see the device detail page. The fingerprint is the combination of the” manufacturer code”and the model.

Here’s one of mine. The device label is “atomic.“ Your fingerprint will probably be an alphanumeric code rather than descriptive words, because yours is a Z wave device. Or it might be all zeros, which, as I mentioned, is indicative of a pairing problem.

Got it it does have all zeros

Ok, that means the pairing failed. That’s why it can’t be matched to an edge Driver, and why smartthings is guessing that it’s a Switch when it’s actually a lock.

There have been multiple reports of this problem in the forum in the last week or so, usually with zwave devices that have an S2 security level, so I’m guessing that’s what’s going on here. Unfortunately, I don’t know any way that we as customers can fix this problem. So you’ll have to go back to official support.

This time around tell them that you have a Yale Z wave lock that always gets zeros in the fingerprint when you pair it, so it won’t match with the correct edge driver. And include your screenshot.

The first people you get are just general Samsung employees working off a script, who often don’t know anything at all about smartthings, so expect some irrelevant remarks in the initial round. But eventually they should escalate it to someone who does actually know the architecture and hopefully will be able to help.

Ok thank you for your help I understand a bit more now lol. Originally I thought may be Z wave and was going to send back and order new one but guessing that there are a few problems it must be in the app I know the SmartThings app was updated a couple of days ago so may be that’s ??

I don’t think the problem is in the app, I think the problem is in the smartthings platform architecture, either the cloud or the hub firmware. The process for adding a new zwave device appears to have been broken recently. I suppose it could be the app, but all the app does is kick off the add request, I don’t think it collects the fingerprint information.

But in any case, it’s definitely a smartthings – specific problem caused by the extra architecture layer they add. Your lock would probably work fine with a different certified Z wave hub, not that that helps. :thinking:

Yes thank you the hub I just purchased is Aeotec v3 may be contact for hem too ?

You can try aeotec support, but I’m pretty sure for this issue they will send you over to Samsung support. You can try it and see. :thinking:

Ok thank you for everything it’s much appreciated

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