Trying to find a Momentary Push Button Light Switch (for use with Fibaro FGD-212 Dimmer 2)

I am looking for a momentary light switch which is suitable for use with the Fibaro FGD-212 Dimmer 2. I can find Z-Wave switches but really struggling to find a simple push button switch which would allow me to use this to its full potential. Presumably these should also be pretty cheap but I am at a loss to find one.

Can anyone recommend one in the UK?

I may have answered my own question, if anyone can confirm if this is suitable or if there is a better alternative:

Schneider is a popular brand. These are also called “retractive switches” so you might have an easier time finding them under that name.

These are discussed in the first post of the UK lighting FAQ. There are some less expensive brands than Schneider if you’re just looking for white plastic.

Retrotouch makes 3 gang and 4 gang retractive switches. I like the look of these, although they are more expensive.

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Thanks for all the comments. I wanted to give some feedback on what I have gone for, its modular but will feedback on functionailty.

its a 2 way retroactive rocker switch, which I thuink should allow up for ON, down for OFF, hold up for DIM-UP and hold down for DIM-DOWN. In practice I will much prefer this to a push button switch, and also allows for Dual switches.

I will feedback how I get on but for those interested from Screwfix @ £6.20:

27120 x 1 Varilight White 10A 2-Way & Off Retractive Switch £2.75
85638 x 1 Varilight Z3PGRID1 1-Gang PowerGrid Gridplate £0.93
46446 x 1 Varilight XDQPG1 1-Gang PowerGrid Faceplate White £2.52

Got the switch and tried installing. Had some issues with the DH I was using meaning only the down button worked on the switch, but have since also found the style of backplate does not allow enough room for the dimmer2 to fit despite being a deep back box. I have therefore switched to a toggle switch using @hajar DH and its working perfectly after amending parameter 20. Back to the drawing board for the rocker switch!

The MK Grid Switch System has a momentary switch and can also be mixed with other switch types in one, two, three or four gang configurations. Screwfix sell them

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