Trying to add a second hub to a second location

Argh, due to the current problems with my main hub (inability to scan for devices) I thought I would buy a hub (v2) on ebay (came looking new with a welcome code) and use one for the beta program and the other for my production.

I can’t add this…I’ve reset it…it comes up with blue/magenta lights which I assume mean it is connecting to the cloud and downloading updates (Am I correct?) then it goes green for a while then solid blue for a while. then back to green it repeats this

Using the IOS app, I get as far as adding the hub, specifying the location and room and the hitting next …it just doesnt seem to do anything. Occasionally it says couldnt add device.

Any tips? or is this not a valid thing to do?

here are the color codes:

best advice would be to contact ST support and let them investigate

Thanks for the link

I have a second v2 hub in a second location. It too was used but hadnt been updated in years (or ever). It updated itself more than 10 times before finally getting to the latest firmware. Took over an hour. I do think I had already joined it to my account (used welcome code, was visible on IDE) because I watched the firmware version as it updated thru each revision. I’m Android.

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hmmm interesting…I’ll leave it connected for a day or so and see what happens

It’s probably the ‘needy’ iOS causing issues again -:slight_smile:

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