Multiple hubs and issues that follow

I am working on a house that is about 12,000 square feet. The way it was wired left us with no choice but to make it a smart home. I started off with 4 Hubitat hubs but due to them failing every time there was an update and not having the ability to auto update, we had to switch hubs. I’m very happy with the Aeotec that I have installed at my house, but the size of this house requires more hubs than my standard 3&2 home. The first hub is up and running pretty good with just a couple problems to iron out. The second hub however is a different story. I have it installed and can see it on my app, i can exclude things from my z-wave network but cannot add anything to it. I just get a screen that says “you have more than one hub, pick which hub you would like to add device to” but the first hub is the only one on the list… Help me!

If both hubs (and, it sounds like, more to be added) are in the same home, you’ll want to make sure they’re associated with the same location. What you’re describing sounds like you’re trying to add a device in Location A, which only shows you hub A, while the hub you want is associated with Hub B. I haven’t used multiple hubs but my understanding is that you would need to reset hub B and re-add it to bring it under Location A.

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Read through this discussion that just came up of a similar situation - if executing automations across multiple hubs is something you intend (i.e. turn on the lights in the front hall on Hub A, triggers the lights to turn on in the kitchen on Hub B) , note that those commands will pass through the cloud; if your internet service is prone to dropping out, you might encounter issues there. If your automations are more tightly zoned, i.e. only creating routines involving switches and smart bulbs in the same area and on the same hub, then you probably wouldn’t notice any issues.

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I had read that and that is what I did… shortly after posting that and deciding to move on from that issue, while trying to add another switch… it popped up… I guess I was just impatient… but yes 2 more hubs to come. The Homeowner is aware of that issue but doesn’t want to cut a ton of sheet rock. For the most part everything will be close to its own hub, but for whatever reason the electrician that wired this place took the great room lights and split them between two separate relay boxes. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for this, in my case most of the routines will remain on the barn hub, they only cloud interaction I will have is the button in the house controlling the lights in the barn!

I just have to get the mental fortitude to rewrite everything! I’m still trying to figure out how you add a second hub to the same location as I don’t want to delete everything in the barn just to discover it doesn’t work…

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It should be (on Android anyway):

  • Have your app selected to your existing location.
  • Under devices tab, then + to add device.
  • In the Samsung Devices section, choose Add.
  • Choose SmartHome hub. It should prompt for scanning the QR code, but you can click “add without QR code”. It will then go to “searching for devices”. It may not find anything which it will then ask what type of hub to add.
  • If you choose rev 2 hub (2015 ETH models) will then ask you for your welcome code. If you don’t have the little slip of paper that came in the box, it MAY be written inside your battery compartment. If not, you’ll need to contact ST support with the serial number.
  • If you choose the rev 3 hub (2018 models) then it will ask WiFi or Ethernet and should find the unit via bluetooth as long as you’re in range.

Note however that I’ve not added an additional hub to a location since they’ve revamped the add device menus so I don’t know that it actually works anymore. This support doc says secondary hubs are NOT supported in the same location.

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Thanks Corey - I note from this support page that it says two hubs are supported at the same location:

The article is from Aug 19. 2021. I’m not sure which document is correct; it’s a little concerning as deleting the location/hub/routines is going to be quite a lot of work… I’m still pondering how to proceed.

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At one point you could change the location of a hub without having to delete anything, but I don’t know if that’s still true or not.

That would be super helpful - just been taking screenshots of all the routines so I can rebuild them on the other side, will first explore changing the location of the hub and will report back if I find anything interesting… Thanks.

I have 3 hubs in my ST location, but i’ve never tried to move them to another location.

OK, thanks. I’m not able to find anything in the App (either Android or iPhone) that allows moving a hub from one location to another. Looks like I’ll have to delete the hub/location/devices/routines and then rebuild once the hub is connected to the house location.

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I now have two! I made the jump last night, after about 5hours of “messing” around I think I’m back at status quo; I will write more details in my previous post but wanted to reach out and state that it does work and I’m grateful (once again) for the community help.