True story: disappearing devices

(Bobby) #1

Woke up this morning and my baby monitoring cams have vanished. No where to be found on my network. If I try to add them back to my account, I am informed that camera is in used with another account. So, I fired an email to support. And while waiting for an answer, I hit up the community site. Fair enough. A lot of people are complaining about their cams being gone and that support is non existent or ‘useless’ as someone pointed. The fact that I only have six devices and three of them are missing, is very concerning. Oh well my kids are up and my cams are still missing. Hope Nest will figure out what happened to my cams soon. At least my Smartthings lighting automation is still working and so is my non-monthly paid security system…

(Ron S) #2

Nest App just shows a spinning wheel
Alexa said I am sorry. Try later I am sleeping :wink:
Harmony app spinning wheel

Are we going back to Stone Age?

(sidjohn1) #3

Yeah, last night was the second time this month my nest has gone off line, both times it had nothing to do with SmartThings. I’m starting to consider replacing both my nest and nest protect with zwave equivalents.

(Bobby) #4

To me, that would be so much more costly than replacing my Lutron Caseta switches which I almost finished. Although I would love to do it, I am not a fan of selling on ebay or Craigslist. I guess I am stuck with Nest for a while! #badHAchoice


Amazon cloud services had some outages in some parts of the US during the last 12 hours. A lot of timeouts. It affected many different cloud services, not just those connected to echo. Not sure if that’s a factor but could be.

(Bobby) #6

More on Amazon Web Services outage

Amazon Echo
Alexa + SmartThings + IFTTT + Harmony to turn TV on and off by voice (2015 version)
(Ron S) #7

We all can blame @geko wherever he is hiding! Typically he does all these kind of things! :wink:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #8

That explains a lot. This morning both of my echo’s and my wink hub were down. When echo came back online it would not recognize any of my ST devices. After a couple of hours it all magically started working again.

(Ron S) #9

Does anybody know where his real home state is? Besides the secondary home under the rocks! Don’t tell me Arizona! :wink: