True State of Sonos Support?


New to the ST platform, (came from Vera). I’m noticing that Sonos state switching and track updating is very laggy and sometimes events are not picked up by ST at all.

I want to do something that is somewhat basic: When someone starts playing Sonos (via Sonos app), my receiver turns on and switches inputs. I use Harmony and its integrations for this, and I key off of a Sonos “Switch Turned On” trigger. I notice this trigger sometimes takes several seconds or is never tripped. On my previous platform, this kind of trigger was (almost) immediately acted upon and was very reliable, so I don’t think this is Sonos…

I really like the mobile-centric interface and more intuitive programming of ST, but I’m at a loss with the reliability of the data and triggering of some of these touted integrations. Am I just doing something wrong here? Can I not count on Sonos integration working reliably with ST, or how can I better understand what’s going on?

I haven’t linked my harmonys and ST yet, but with the other apps I spend a lot of time in the Live logging section at:

This might give you some insight.


The :“touted” interface is in labs and basically a hack. People seem to have success if they have only one Sonos speaker. I have several and have given up using them with SmartThings months ago. Supposedly,when Sonos releases their official API SmartThings will come out with a robust interface.

@mander - I’ll check that out, thanks.

@beckwith, thanks for the input. I was under the impression that Sonos has a vanilla uPNP media server interface, not sure why an official API is needed to make this serviceable. Also, I can’t tell what’s in labs and what’s not (as I’m using the V2 hub and there doesn’t seem to be a ‘labs’ distinction anywhere.

This is the official reason SmartThings gives for the problems/delay. I suspect there is some truth to it as I’ve had issues with Sonos dropping commands and intermittent delays just using the Sonos human interface. Mesh networks can be messy when pushing lots of data.

I noticed Insteon announced a Sonos interface yesterday:

There’s a reason they went with an official API instead of just a UPNP interface. :slight_smile: