Sonos Notify

It appears that Sonos Notify with Sound and Sonos Weather Forecast have been taken off the Smartthings app. Is anyone else having this issue?

From what I see, ST has dropped the ball on any enhanced integration with Sonos. I think they believe that we would ONLY use ST to turn it on/off…

3rd party Sonos integration is not only affecting ST. There are other companies that are having issues. I applauded ST for taking down the apps while they are working things out. At least they acknowledged the problems and confirmed that are actively working on it.

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If the Sonos API’s are at fault (which I do not completely believe since this feature worked perfectly before ST made significant changes and experienced backend platform issues, absent Chat/Help Desk, etc).

If you own a Sonos, you can access it via "The Hidden Sonos Web Interface".

A few other Sonos 3rd party integrators appear to not have this integration issue? For example, I have a Sonospad, a third party iOS APP that works perfectly. Also there is a simplified HTTP API for Sonos to simplify automation. It is hostable on any node.js capable device, like a raspberry pi or similar.

I do understand that Sonos is updating and releasing new API’s to allow more capabilities in direct response to new systems that are being released, but the basic playlist controls that ST documented have not been removed.

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This is a sonos with sound modifided and updated, try it, you can send messages to multiple speakers, radio stations, etc


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