Troubleshooting WiZ Matter Pairing in SmartThings

Sometimes when pairing a WiZ light with SmartThings it will not report the state, like if the configuration was not done completely right. You can change the colours or brightness but the on/off button will spin forever and won’t reflect the actual state.

Previously one of my workarounds was pairing it with Google Home and then share it via Matter to SmartThings. That’s how most of my lights are setup because used to use Matter with GH.

Now I think I’ve found a fail-proof method for those tough to pair lights:

  • Setup the light with the WiZ app so it updates the firmware (currently it’s 1.31.0)
  • Delete it from WiZ app.
  • Factory reset it with three off/on power cycles. It will turn blue/purple.
  • Add it again to WiZ app. Start the Matter pairing process from the app (Settings - Integrations - Matter). Do not use the pairing code, you’ll need the QR, take a screenshot and maybe share it to another device so you can scan it later.
  • Add the light scanning the QR, not using the pairing code.

I believe the problem is using the pairing code actually. All the other steps may not be necessary but I had to perform them for a couple “tough” lights.

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I had a weird one with a Tapo Wi-Fi over matter smart plug yesterday. Using the generated code, it thought it was a thread device, which it isn’t, and the pairing would fail. But using the QR code, it added fine. :man_shrugging:t2:

Obviously matter still has some glitches.

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I’ve not had many issues with Matter, mostly Tapo, WiZ and the Aqara door sensor. In fact I’m surprised how good the Tapo H100 bridge works for their motion and temperature sensors, and they call it beta.

But I had “this light” that just didn’t want to work in SmartThings using Matter. Sometimes it would not even go past the setup and fail. I thought it was bogus and forgot about it.

Today I replaced the last cloud based light I had, now they’re all WiFi WPA3 and Matter. Also removed the WiZ cloud integration to get rid of duplicates.

Still have a couple Tapo S200B buttons that are very nice but require Alexa so they are integrated into SmartThings with virtual switches. Hopefully they’ll make them Matter too, they are exposed actually but just as a device with no buttons or anything.

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