Best solution when devices start turning on and off randomly?


So, I have had a porchlight that comes on whenever for about 4 weeks. Never consistent. It’s linked to 2 routines named “all lights off” which is just that. It turns the lights off when I tap it and “outside backyard” which turns a bunch of lights on when I tap it. There are no automatic triggers.

And now sitting here, I have a plug-in switch that a window fan is plugged into. It’s linked to a routine that will turn it off at 12am. That’s it. It just randomly came on @ 8:30.

So what’s the best way to keep this from happening? Just hope it eventually stops? Delete and reinstate the device? Redo the routine or remove it from any routines altogether? Thanks.

In edit, no notifications showing smart things is turning them on on purpose. There are 2 routines set to run at that time. Wondering if it’s possible interference or if it’s a smartthings database error triggering the wrong switch?

Another edit: logging into the system on my pc. it says “device/digital” commanded the switch on and same thing for off. (I turned it off with the app in the phone) for the automatic off routine it lists appcommand as the reason it was turned to off

(Ray) #2

Only thing I can think of is a previous failed smartapps. I did have a failed instance of smart lighting on one of my light and even though I removed that instance from IDE. It was still running. I ended up remove/install the switch again to get rid of that ghost. You can try with support and they can investigate it deeper of course.