Troubleshooting Connect Home Pro hardware that seems dead

This is my first post and I’m posting as I have seen comments in the past by some users about experiencing sudden loss of power to their devices and being able to fix the hardware.

I’ve had my Connect Home Pro for exactly 1 year and 7 days (yeah!) and it’s been great, but last week it stopped working. 1 minute I had internet and the next I did not. The devices was dark, no light on the front.

I unplugged for 30 seconds (per support topic by Samsung) and still nothing, not lights and not wifi visible.
I held reset for 30 seconds, still no change.
I actually went as far as opening it up to look (I actually forgot it was supposed to have a light as the unit just looks clean/flat without power and the glow shows through the panel when/if there is one), no fans spinning either.

Only then did I see a SmartThings firmware dropped a couple weeks ago, I don’t see any details of one dropping that should have affected mine, but thought maybe it had rebooted for some such task.
I left it plugged in for a while. After an hour, still no fans or lights, but the heatsink had gotten quite hot, so power is going somewhere.

I verified the power supply is putting out 12v as expected.

Commenting here is a long shot, but the hardware is so neat and clean and I see a random micro usb port I had no idea about (hidden by the case itself), I can’t find any details online of anyone hacking/diving in to the hardware but thought it was worth a shot.

Any thoughts/tips?