Troubleshooting Bali Blind Operation

After dealing with the ST outage and a separate daylong internet outage, I’m back to trying to troubleshoot why three blinds currently don’t trigger closed under certain scenarios. These are all Bali blinds (pre Edge driver) and all had previously worked fine with the same logic. The issue was present before the ST outage and internet outage. I am not running the beta or using Edge drivers to my knowledge.

In the case of one blind, it is triggered at sunset and a window status closed, and another blind adjacent to it closes normally. Logic to control glare (in the AM) works normally- so there are no likely communication or blind configuration issues. Manual initiation of the closed command works fine, the window status is correct. All other sunset functions are working normally.

In the other case, I have two west facing blinds that are triggered in the PM due to warm indoor temp, light, and time of day range and window status. These stopped responding to this trigger, although I’ve checked all of the conditions and the blinds should have triggered closed. Manual initiation of the closed command works fine, the window status is correct.

If these had been communication congestion issues, I’m assuming different things would randomly not work. If there were communication issues, then they would not close manually. Any other troubleshooting tips?

Do you use Routines, Smart Lighting or WebCoRE?

What device type is assigned to each blind in IDE? Are they all the same.

When you say “ Manual initiation of the closed command works fine” … does that include being able to control the blinds through the ST app?

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These all-use routines.

They all use Springs Window Fashions Shade type

Yes, I manually used the ST app (IOS) and/or via google.


You may want to try removing any Routine that is having issues and recreate it. Not sure if editing and saving will help but you can try… edit, add a space to end of Routine name and Save.

Or post a screenshot of the Routine in case something pops out as to the problem.

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Yes if they had been you are correct it would have ruled the other out.

Can you add a discreet light or bulb to the routine? Make it ‘do the same thing’ as the blind - if on, then on, if off, then off. Next time it doesn’t do it - check what the state of your bulb is, and then you’ll know if the routine fired as you expected or if the blind didn’t respond properly. Then work the issue from there.

I tried both of these suggestions on one of the shades- of course like taking your car into the mechanic with a weird noise, both sets of triggers fired correctly yesterday. I guess I wait and see. I am using the new routine for one of them, that includes the separate plug being turned on.

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