Somfy Motorized Blinds and ZRTSI II

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased 14 motorized blinds which use the Tilt 50 motor (Plug In). I paired them all to the ZRTSI II hub and setup a couple of basic routines which open the blinds at sunrise and closes the blinds at sunset. While this works well most of the time, I am noticing that a random blind won’t open or close on occasion. The blinds are spread out across 2 rooms located next to each other:
- 9 in the Living room
- 5 in the Exercise room

The hub is located in the middle of these rooms and all blinds are within 20 feet of the hub.
I originally tried setting up a second routine that would run the same command (open in the morning, close in the evening) 1 minute after the first routine ran, but it doesn’t look like it’s actually running because Smartthings thinks the blinds are already open.

I just tried moving the hub a little bit closer to the living room as those are the blinds I would want to prioritize in case it’s signal related. Are there any other ideas or options that people can think of? Custom Device Handler for either the shades or the hub? I am currently using the standard device handler for the hub and blinds.

I appreciate any and all help!