Trouble with Amazon Echo 7:3:4:0:1 Wi-Fi Error! Help

This is the new issue for my Alexa device. If anyone here who know about this error code then can write down the solution.

I would open a ticket with Amazon on their app. This is Smart Things.

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Hi, Stephan, This is Wi-fi error message. Can you explain me from the beginning. This issue can be create if you changed your location or you are using another company internet services. If any of these reasons or another problem you should follow Amazon’s help center for Fix echo 7:3:4:0:1, 7:3:4:4:1 errors. Reply me when you will ready to use your device after echo error resolution.

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With your profile, I would have thought you would be resolving these kinds of issues, not asking us. :slight_smile:

I am working in this field so I have knowledge on smart speakers and their related devices. But no doubt I am also getting new issues of users so try to get some stuff on all these here.


You are using this community to answer questions about issues for your users outside of SmartThings?

Did I understand that correctly?

I am also user of this device.

I have a Bosch washing machine.
Can someone help with the spin cycle not always completing? :wink:


Any error message for us Bob? :slight_smile:


Are you using any echo device of Amazon?

I’m having some issues with the tires on my car. They arent quite round. Can you help?
Model # is CF-7-3-4-0-1-LZF


Have you contacted Support? Maybe they can help or perhaps get you some replacements - Do you still have the receipt?


Will they send me new batteries to make them round again?


I do find them very helpful.
Only yesterday they were helping me with some of my impotence issues

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:joy: My eyes are half closed. Thought it was important issues, kind of like this topic.


The issues are quite important to me! (And the wife!)


Gonna update my profile later:

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Especially the wife

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I just noticed that his other buddy up above, 1 post back in October about Alexa too. His next post, here. He’s running Andriod though.


I spoke to Saed at Amazon, and he was great. I am not a Geek so some of this is theory (a more techno can confirm), but my guess is that it is caused when your router software updates, the device cannot find it. After going through all of the suggested help steps and resetting. I powered down my router for ten seconds, plugged it back in, and reset my Echo (held down microphone and “-” button for 20 seconds). Then went back to App and followed instructions for setting up new. The blue line that stopped a third of the way across previously when I got the error code went all of the way across and I connected. Another error code popped up ( a much longer and different one - 7:…524…) but Alexa answered “what time is it?” - so I ignored it. Working fine once more.