Echo dot won't connect to WiFi

Has anyone else had this issue? I have 5 dots in my house and have had no issues with them since I got them quite a few months ago. Recently, one of them went offline, but I was able to reconnect it. Now, the one in my room is offline and it won’t reconnect to the WiFi network.
It won’t do anything from the app. I have to push the setup button on the device itself to get it in set up mode. Then still nothing.
The next step it says to do is to use my phone to connect straight to the device via WiFi. “Connect to amazon-xxx” That never shows up as an option on my phone. So I can’t move on to the next step to get it reconnected to my home WiFi.
Anyone else have this issue or know what to do?

contact Amazon support. They will call you and walk you through the problem and fix.

@Tvot84 I had a problem with my Dot that didn’t want to connect to WI-Fi. What I did to get it to work was that first I have to go to the Amazon Alexa App and Deregister from the App and then reset the Dot and it’s been working fine for a month now.

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I have the exact same problem but I don’t know how to contact echo support. My other echo works fine but one of them won’t connect to wifi anymore! I get so tired of tech stuff that just doesn’t work.

AWS server was down, not sure if that is your problem or not trey now, I think they got it back up.

Probably not. My other Dot kept working. But thanks for the heads up!

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I emailed them a while back about this and they sent me a response with a number to call. I never ended up calling it because there’s no point when they’re all connected. Then, when one becomes disconnected again, it’s not at a time I feel like making a phone call. I have since deleted the email, so I no longer have the number.