Anyone else having trouble with Amazon Echo?

Alexa isn’t talking to the network. Good network connections, just not understanding.

Mine are working fine. Is it Alexa altogether, or just the Alexa/smart things integration?

Mine is acting as she should. Occasionally though, I’d like to take a can opener and a hammer to her :wink:

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The phone app said she was connected, but she couldn’t understand anything. Still song it this morning.

I think you answered your own question when you said “She couldn’t understand” :smile:

A few weeks ago I had the same issue. I ended up rebooting her and all has been good since then.

You can open the official Alexa app and look at history and see what, if anything, echo heard.

Turns out it was an outage problem.

  • I have a VPN running on my router that is usually limited to one machine in the network.
  • Comcast internet went away yesterday according to my chat with the CS line.
  • My entire network started routing through the only pipe it had, the VPN (Venezuela or Iran I think).
  • This included the Echo.
  • Amazon didn’t like the redirected IP address for Echo services.
  • The echo indicated it was connected in the app, but was unable to interpret my commands.

All was OK in my home network, I even had ST connectivity. So it appeared that the Amazon server was down from my end. It all came crashing down when Amazon TS had me reboot the router, collapsing my IP tunnel.

Comcast should be up later today.


Iran?? Really? Couldn’t get more restricted unless you picked China.

Sometimes it grants access I cannot get otherwise.

Sometimes I do use China.

Wow I would of never guessed.

Did you notice that gas company van that has been working on the phone lines down the street for the past 6 months ?

(Actually, here gas and power are the same company.)

If they can get a warrant they can come in for tea.

In all honesty, I do it for the same reason I encrypt my email and use the TOR browser. To add more traffic for the agencies to have to filter through. I have nothing to hide.